Argos Channel Measurement Repository
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Argos channel measurement repository is designed for storing and sharing MU-MIMO channel measurement trace data. The repository allows user to upload, download and manage trace data. Some basic analysis tools for data visualization are available for each trace.

This site is still in beta, so please fill out the contact form for any issues or suggestions. The Asilomar2016 reference dataset and code base is still being curated and uploaded, and documentation is still limited. For an overview of the measurement system and basic analysis please view the Asilomar 2016 slides.

Since we are still in beta, access is being restricted to universities and research labs. Please register to request access with your official email address.

Our Full-Duplex datasets are available here.

The "Traces" tab holds all the single traces, each with a link to its details and analysis tools. Users can upload new traces to the repository from the "Upload" tab.

A "dataset" is a group of traces. A new dataset can be created in the dataset management page or while uploading a new trace. The name of the dataset automatically becomes a tag of a trace when it is added into the dataset.

Registration Instructions

Login is required to access traces and datasets. To register a new account, you must first fill out the register form and send it to the administrator for approval. After being approved, your account will be activated.

Some Statistics

  • Number of traces: 101
  • Number of users: 86

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Contact Us

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